Sri Sakkarai Amma

Om Sri Chakra Anandambige Namaha:


The Embodiment of Everlasting Bliss

“Attainment of ‘Mukthi’ or ‘Liberation’ (always being in a state of Bliss) is considered to be beyond the conception of man; and any explanation of the state of liberation is likely to be not easily believed. Similar was my own state before I came in contact of a simple, unlettered Brahmin lady (Sri Sakkarai Amma) whose one claim to greatness was that she was supremely happy. And I have not met with another learned or unlearned, rich or poor, great or small, among men and women who has this BLISS depicted, as it were, in every pore of the body, in every word uttered and in every gesture made.”
About Sri Sakkarai Amma by
Dr. M. C. Nanjunda Rao, Her prime disciple
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